Living on Koh Samui

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Residential opportunities began to expand soon after tourism took hold on Koh Samui. The island offers an attractive lifestyle change for many people as it combines the advantages of a tropical retreat with most of the amenities and services people in the West have come to rely on. Prices are higher than they are on the mainland, but still affordable when compared to other similar islands in the region.

Living on Koh Samui

A growing expatriate community means increasing support from various clubs and organisations and the most of the locals speak either English or German and are used to dealing with foreigners. As a tourist island, Samui boasts increasingly modern facilities, with a choice of excellent international restaurants and bars, as well as a multi-cultural atmosphere. The property sector is also supported by professional services, such as English speaking lawyers, and a quality construction companies and building suppliers.

However is still important to choose carefully as the laid back, unhurried nature of the islands opulation can lead to conflicts, especially with regard to meeting deadlines and achieving exacting standards expected by many foreign homeowners.

Living on Koh Samui Thailand

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